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10+ Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Teal Lovers

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Ten thoughtful gift ideas for teal lovers. Shop for the cooking enthusiasts, coffee lovers, fitness buffs who also love teal.

10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Teal Lovers Feature

Hey all!  I am a teal addict.  There I said it, the first step in admitting I have a problem, haha.  If it was entirely up to me, my whole house would be decorated in teal.  Right now my husband and I have compromised on the kitchen and living room.

And honestly, most of my teal possessions have come from friends and family because they know it’s my color!  It makes me happy.

I’ve compiled a list of teal gift ideas that any teal addict would love to receive (+ maybe I’ll drop a few hints for husband in the process – Mother’s Day will be here very soon).  And they may seem simple at first glance, but read how to customize the gift and make it personal. Save

Crock Pot + Goodies Inside

BLACK + DECKER Slow Cooker in Teal Wave – this is the perfect gift idea for the cook in your life.  Or maybe for a soon to be mother – you could gift it with a few frozen meals for after the baby has arrived.

Start a Tradition with a Pandora Bracelet + Teal Charm

Pandora FASCINATING Teal Murano Glass Charm – if the person you’re shopping for likes to wear bracelets and doesn’t have a Pandora charm bracelet, this will be the perfect gift.  The best gifts we (my dad and sisters) have given to my mom have been gifts that start a tradition.  Start with the bracelet chain and a few charms, and for each special occasion add more.

Teal Gift Bag + Goodies Inside

MG Collection Shoulder Bag – my sister gave me a tote similar to this one about 2 years ago and I’m still using it.  I love it!  Use the tote as the gift bag and add a few goodies inside.

Designer Teal Sunglasses

Kate Spade New York Paxtons Rectangular Sunglasses – there is just something about a nice pair of sunglasses that makes you feel special.  A little on the spendy side, but at this moment they are 44% off with free shipping!  So if they go back up to full price, keep your eye out for a sale.  I <3 Kate Spade.

Pamper with Teal Nail Polish

OPI Nail Lacquer Teal The Cows Come Home – check out this beautiful OPI color.  I love the name “teal the cows come home.” How cute! (I would say “oh for cute” – but apparently this is a North Dakotan thing and my brother-in-law will make fun of me). This would be the perfect goodie to add to the teal tote above.

Support Health Goals with a Teal Water Bottle

Fruit Infused Water Bottle – Large 32 Oz – this is a very thoughtful gift for a loved one who is trying to drink more water, quit soda, or coffee.  Pair it with a few infused water recipes.  Our family’s favorite is cucumber-infused water – it’s just like a trip to the spa.

Add a Piece to Their Kitchen Collection

Teal Bamboo Bowl Extra Large – another great gift for a loved one that loves to cook.  I received this bowl for my birthday this month.  And I LOVE it!  I’ve already used it to dress up our family’s favorite taco salad – which I plan to share in a post very soon!

Teal Iced Coffee Maker + Coffee Subscription

Zoku Teal Iced Coffee Maker, Travel Mug – this product is really neat.  A great idea for a person on the go.  No need to stop to grab an iced coffee on the way to work.  Pair with a bag of whole bean coffee or a monthly coffee subscription (we’ve tried mistobox – one to twelve-month gift subscriptions available).

Teal Hammock for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Flagship-X Double Camping Hammock – Teal/Grey – maybe the person your shopping for is more into the outdoors.  This teal and grey hammock looks so relaxing!

Teal Kettlebell

Ader Vinyl Kettlebell – we can’t forget about the workout enthusiast!  Kettlebell workouts are one of my favorite.  (Tip – make sure to pick out the right weight — a beginner might need to start with less than 10 lbs while an avid user might want something heavier.)  Pair with some great workout gear.

Hope you’ve found these teal gift ideas helpful. Thanks for stopping!Save

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