10 Delicious Ways to Add Crunch to a Salad

Bored of the same old salad and looking to mix it up? Crunchy toppings are our favorite way to add both flavor and texture!     Get these 10 yummy ideas, then visit our blog for 20 more!

Sugar Snap Peas: Juicy and crisp. A delightful addition to any garden salad for an extra crunch.



Sliced Almonds: Nutty and crunchy. Ideal for adding to spinach berry salads or Asian chicken salads.

Pomegranate Seeds: Add a burst of color and flavor. Great in autumn harvest salads or mixed green salads.


Walnuts: Rich and crunchy. Wonderful on cranberry feta salads or classic Waldorf salads.


Granola: Crunchy and satisfying. Perfect for adding a hearty texture to strawberry spinach and green salads.


Baby Corn: Sweet and tender. A delightful addition to cobb salads or Asian-inspired salads.


Roasted Chickpeas: Savory and crunchy. A fantastic topping for Mediterranean salads or hearty kale Caesar salads.


Radishes: Crisp and zesty. Great for adding a spicy note to your favorite green garden salads.


Apples: Fresh and crisp. Great addition to walnut salads or chicken spinach salads.


Tortilla Chips: Salty crunch. Perfect for Southwestern salads or taco salads with a zesty dressing.


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