Easy Shrimp Fondue Recipe

Love shrimp and fondue? Combine them for a unique, tasty dish. It's a healthy way to enjoy seafood without added oils. Perfect for parties, game nights, and special dinners.

What You'll Need

✓ Chicken broth ✓ White wine vinegar ✓ Garlic ✓ Green onions ✓ Raw shrimp

Preheat the fondue pot to medium. Add chicken broth, white wine vinegar, and garlic. Whisk.


Set the fondue pot temperature to medium-high heat. Bring to a soft boil.


Add chopped green onions and give it a stir. Then you are ready to fondue!


Use forks to cook raw shrimp for 1-2 minutes. Shrimp turns pink and opaque when done.


Enjoy with your favorite dipping sauces. A few ideas: green goddess dip, BBQ sauce, teriyaki, sweet & sour.


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