Easy Slow Cooker Apple Cider

This crockpot hot apple cider is the perfect drink for fall and winter gatherings. An added bonus: it will make your entire house smell delicious!


Apple Juice, Orange, Apple, Cloves, and Cinnamon Sticks

Chop a red apple into chunks. Any red variety like gala, fuji, or red delicious works.


Chop an orange and stick 2-3 cloves into each slice. For less pulp, you can use whole cuties.


Pour apple juice into the slow cooker, leaving space for the apples, oranges and cinnamon sticks.


Add the chopped fruits and cinnamon to the apple juice. Simmer. Your house will smell amazing!


Ladle into mugs and serve hot. For a festive touch, use holiday-themed cups. Enjoy!


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