Halloween Snack Mix Recipe

This tasty fall treat mix is perfect for Halloween or Thanksgiving. It's quick to make, easy to customize, and so delicious! 

What You'll Need

✓ Rice Chex ✓ Bugles ✓ Pretzels ✓ Mix-ins  (candy corn,  M&Ms, etc)

✓ Butter ✓ Sugar ✓ Corn Syrup ✓ Cream of Tartar ✓ Vanilla ✓ Baking Soda

Combine pretzels, Rice Chex, and Bugles in a large mixing bowl, stirring gently to avoid crushing the cereal.


Melt sugar, corn syrup, and butter. Bring to a boil, then add vanilla, cream of tartar, and baking soda.


Gently pour and mix the sugar mixture with the dry ingredients until everything is evenly coated.


Spread mixture thinly on wax paper. Let it set for 1-2 hours, then break apart if needed.


Mix in marshmallows, candy corn, pumpkin candies, and M&M’s (or whatever candies you'd like!).


And there you have it—a tasty, festive snack mix perfect for fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving!


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