Ice Cream Toppings: 30 Delicious Ideas

Want to make the ultimate ice cream sundae? We've got you covered with these 30 delicious topping ideas.  From classic faves to more adventurous picks, there's something for everyone!

Syrups & Sauces

A must-have! Add a base of delicious flavor and gooey texture to your ice cream.

Hot fudge sauce Caramel syrup Strawberry sauce

Candy & Gummies

Incorporate a pop of sweet flavor and color with these candy picks. Great for kids and adults alike!

Snickers Skittles Gummy Worms

Chocolate Chips

Get your chocolate fix with these chip options. Add rich flavor and a delightful crunch.

White chocolate chips Peanut butter chips Dark chocolate chips

Canned or Fresh Fruit

Go natural with these juicy fruit toppings. A fresh way to enjoy your ice cream.

Sliced strawberries Kiwi, diced Blueberries

Popping Pearls

Add a burst of flavor with these fun pearls. They're like little flavor bombs in every bite.

Strawberry popping pearls Kiwi popping pearls Lychee popping pearls

Baked Goods

Who says you can't have two desserts? Add crumbled baked treats for a richer sundae.

Brownie pieces Pound cake chunks Chocolate chip cookies


Give your sundae a nostalgic crunch with these cereals. It's breakfast meets dessert in the best way.

Fruit Loops Cocoa Puffs Cookie Crisp

Cone Pieces

Enjoy the classic cone crunch and flavor in your sundae without the mess.

Sugar cones, chopped Regular cone pieces Waffle cones, chopped


Add a playful texture and a delightful burst of sugary goodness in each bite.

Mini marshmallows Fruit-flavored marshmallows Homemade marshmallows

Chopped Nuts

Crunchy nuts add a hearty texture, making each spoonful more satisfying.

Peanuts Pecans Walnuts

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