Monkey Bread with Caramel

Looking for a new breakfast favorite?  Try this Caramel Monkey Bread!   Easy to make with frozen dough and delicious homemade caramel, it's perfect for a laid-back brunch or family gathering.

Ingredients for  Caramel  Monkey Bread

Frozen bread dough Vanilla pudding mix  Brown sugar Margarine Milk Cinnamon

Make the caramel sauce: Mix together margarine, brown sugar, vanilla pudding mix, milk, and cinnamon.


Tear one loaf of frozen bread dough into small chunks. Place in a single layer in a greased 9.5x13 pan.



Pour the caramel sauce over the pieces of bread dough.

Tear or cut another loaf of bread dough into small pieces and place over the caramel layer.


Let the dough rise until it's doubled in size. Then bake for 20 minutes at 350°F.


Turn the pan upside down to release the caramel rolls. They're best served warm, but they're also delicious cold. Enjoy!


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