What to Serve  with Meatloaf:  10 Side Dish Ideas

Making meatloaf and looking for some delicious sides to go with it? Check out these 10 yummy side dishes that complement meatloaf perfectly and will have everyone asking for seconds.

Smashed potatoes: crispy on the outside, soft inside. Drizzle with olive oil and your favorite seasonings.


Asparagus: bake, steam, or grill. Adds color and nutrients to your plate.


Roasted broccoli: a healthy choice that's full of flavor. Even better with a sprinkle of parmesan.


Glazed carrots: a mix of sweet and savory. Choose between honey or brown sugar for the glaze.


Garlic bread: crispy crust, soft and garlicky inside. Go for cheesy garlic bread for extra yum!


Cauliflower rice: light yet satisfying. A low-carb companion to your meatloaf.


Wedge salad: crisp iceberg lettuce topped with blue cheese, tomatoes and bacon crumbles. A refreshing side.


Coleslaw: crunchy cabbage and tangy sauce. Adds a nice contrast to meatloaf.


Biscuits: warm, fluffy, and perfect with butter. A classic side that never disappoints.


Scalloped potatoes: creamy layers of potato goodness. A hearty side that fills you up.


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