6 Must-Try Fall Recipes

As the leaves change and the air gets cooler, it's time to celebrate the flavors of fall!  From comforting soup to mouthwatering waffles, here are 6 delicious recipes that capture the essence of this season.

An easy 3-ingredient recipe that combines cake mix, pumpkin, and eggs into a delightful fall treat.


3-Ingredient Pumpkin Bread

Hearty potato and dumpling soup with a creamy broth, carrots, and celery. The perfect comfort food for a chilly day.


Homemade Knoephla Soup

Crispy crostini topped with melted brie, apple slices, and candied pecans drizzled with warm honey—the perfect fall appetizer.


Apple Brie  Crostini

Delicious pumpkin waffles with just the right amount of pumpkin spice. Top with syrup and whipped cream for a cozy breakfast.


Pumpkin Spice Waffles

This chili recipe features all the classic chili flavors you adore, but with the hearty, nutty texture of wholesome wheat berries.


Wheat Berry Chili

Layered with sweet cream cheese, caramel, and chopped peanuts—this dip makes a great fall appetizer, snack, or dessert.


Easy Caramel  Apple Dip

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