10 Delicious  Breakfast Sides

Setting up a breakfast spread or searching for breakfast side dish inspiration?  Look no further than this list of breakfast sides ideas! Perfect for brunches, holidays, or any day.

Yogurt Parfaits: a layered delight with vanilla yogurt, granola, and seasonal fruits. Try strawberries in summer or pomegranate in fall.


Caramel Roll Pull-apart: Simple monkey bread made with frozen bread dough and topped with a gooey caramel sauce.


Scones: From cranberry-orange to chocolate chip, you can’t go wrong with scones. Glaze them or go mini for a twist.


Sweet Potato Hash: A healthy carb choice. Mix with peppers, garlic, and onion. Add bacon for a savory touch.


French Toast Sticks: A fun variation on a classic. Dip in syrup or coat with cinnamon sugar for added flavor.


Banana Bread: A breakfast staple. Enjoy classic banana or mix it up by adding chocolate chips, nuts or streusel topping.



Breakfast Banana Splits: Not just for dessert! Slice bananas, then top with yogurt, granola, and fruits.

Bagels: The ultimate breakfast carb. Pair with flavored cream cheeses or turn into mini sandwiches.


Breakfast Potatoes: Endless options like diced fried potatoes, hashbrowns, or potato cakes. Add peppers for a spicy kick.


Breakfast Charcuterie Board: Meats, cheeses, fruits, pastries, and more. Customize for the season or occasion.


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