6 Delicious Things to do with  Cherry Peppers

Have some cherry peppers and not sure what to do with them? Don't let them go to waste!   Take a look at this list of 6 tasty things to do with cherry peppers.

Pasta Topping: Sauté cherry peppers with garlic & olive oil or stuff them with herbs and cheese. Toss with pasta for a zesty twist!


Hot Cherry Pepper Jelly: Top cream cheese with cherry pepper jelly. Serve with crackers for a delightful appetizer.


Roasted Cherry Peppers: Roast cherry peppers with veggies in olive oil for a healthy side dish.


Stuffed Cherry Peppers: Stuff with cheese, meats, or herbs. Marinate in olive oil for a savory treat.


Level Up Your Paninis: Add cherry peppers to paninis for a burst of flavor. They taste amazing with melty cheeses and meats!


Add to Charcuterie Boards: Spice up your spread with raw cherry peppers or freshly stuffed variants.


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