10 Tasty Things to do with Leftover Chili

Got some leftover chili and not sure what to do with it? Don't let it go to waste!   Here are 10 mouthwatering things to make with leftover chili. There's a tasty idea for everyone!

Chili Cheese Fries: The ultimate comfort food. Top your favorite fries with chili, shredded cheese (or nacho cheese!) and onions.


Chili Tacos: Fill taco shells with reheated chili, cheese, jalapeños and onions for a flavorful taco night variation.


Chili Cheese Dogs: A classic favorite. Top with onions and cheese for extra flavor. If you like a little heat, add jalapeños!


Chili Mac and Cheese: Elevate your mac with a hearty topping of chili. Mix the chili in or add on top.


Frito Pie: A Southern delight. In a baking dish, layer chili with corn chips, cheese, corn and onions. Top with diced green onions.


Chili Pizza: A unique twist. Top a thin pizza crust with chili, then lots of cheese, onions, and jalapeños (if you like a kick).


Chili Quesadilla: Fill a tortilla with chili, avocado, cilantro and your favorite melty cheese, then grill to perfection.


Chili Smothered Baked Potatoes: Spoon chili over a fluffy baked potato. Top with cheese and green onions for a hearty meal.


Chili Enchiladas: Spread chili on soft tortillas, roll them up, and bake with enchilada sauce and cheese.


Cincinnati Chili: Beef chili on spaghetti noodles with cheese and onions. Try with zoodles for a lighter version!


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