Welcome! I’m Kelsey, the author, & owner of Northern Yum. Making and sharing delicious food has always been a big part of my life. So sharing yummy recipes with you here at Northern Yum is a natural extension of that. I enjoy entertaining & hosting special events. And let’s be honest the best part of both of those is the FOOD.

Until just recently I worked as a finance analyst. Now I’m a food blogger and stay at home mom. It’s been a big change, but I’m loving it.

Here’s my family – my husband Kevin, 2 crazy beautiful kids Addison & Noah, and our fur baby, Chili dog.

We live in the beautiful state of Montana. I’ll be sharing pictures in the blog, so keep a lookout. And if you’re ever traveling through and need any tips, just shoot me an email.

Thank you for stopping! I’m honored to have you here!

About Northern Yum N_Y


[kelsey] n:  work at home mother with a passion for sharing great recipes, love for planning and all things orderly

origin:  born (and attended college and grad school) in the great state of North Dakota, raised and currently living in beautiful Montana — Norwegian ethnicity. I’ve shared a few Norwegian recipes and plan to share more!

synonyms:  teal addict, mom of two

see also:  foodie, former finance analyst, excel geek, planner, blogger, wife

around the WEB

Our most popular recipe is pickle, ham & cheese roll-ups. Shared over 35,000 times on Pinterest. + featured on Real Housemom’s 25 Roll-Ups for Game Day.

Classic pickle ham and cheese rollupsSave

Our family lefse recipes have also been very popular – How to Make Lefse With 2 Different Recipes. Featured in Buzzfeed’s 26 Foods All Midwesterners Grew Up With.

How to Make Lefse with 2 Recipes Feature


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