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Marshmallow Krispies

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Marshmallow krispies are marshmallows dipped in caramel and rolled in rice krispies. A family favorite for Christmas. You can make these ahead of time and freeze.  Delicious right out of the freezer too.


These marshmallow krispies are a family favorite during Christmas time. It’s a tie between these and the cornflake treats I shared last month.

I made this batch for my daughter’s school Christmas program. They’re great to make ahead of time and stick in the freezer. You can even serve frozen.

The only thing missing in these pictures is the dozen other Christmas cookies my family makes in addition. Eventually, I’ll get to sharing the other recipes. I hope you enjoy this one in the meantime.



Recipe Instructions & Tips

Unwrap the individual caramels. This was our job growing up when my Mom would make these.

In a medium to large bowl, add the butter, caramels and sweetened condensed milk. Melt in the microwave in small increments until melted, stirring often.


Dip each marshmallow into the caramel mixture. I use a dipping tool I use often for dipping cake pops.


Roll in Rice Krispies. You may have to press the marshmallow into the Rice Krispies to get them to stick.


Place on wax paper or parchment paper to set.


Repeat until all of the caramel mixture is gone. This recipe should yield about 5 or 6 dozen.


Don’t forget to at least test one. 😉 Store until ready to serve.


And like I said above — these treats freeze well, especially in a metal tin. And are delicious when frozen.

Please stop by and say hi below. What is your favorite Christmas cookie or treat to make?Save

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Marshmallow Krispies

A family favorite Christmas treat. Marshmallows, caramel and rice krispies.

  • Total Time: 1 minute
  • Yield: 5-6 dozen 1x




  1. In a medium to large bowl, add the butter, caramels and sweetened condensed milk.
  2. Melt in the microwave in small increments until melted, stirring often.
  3. Dip each marshmallow into the caramel mixture.
  4. Roll in rice krispies.
  5. Place on wax paper to set.
  6. Store until ready to serve.
  7. These treats freeze well. And are delicious when frozen.
  • Author: Northern Yum
  • Prep Time: 1 - 2 hours
  • Category: Desserts
  • Cuisine: American

Keywords: caramel, marshmallow, rice krispies

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  1. My wife would love these since she loves anything with carmel. Plus, marshmallows make anything delicious.

    1. Northern Yum says:

      Exactly, you can’t go wrong with marshmallows and caramel! 🙂 Your wife would definitely love them. Thanks Josh!

  2. Christine says:

    I can NOT eat just one of these! A favorite for sure!

    1. Northern Yum says:

      Haha! Impossible. We have a batch in the freezer and they’re calling my name. 🙂 Thanks for stopping Chris!

  3. I just ate dinner and was full and now my mouth is watering. Those look so delicious!!! I am definitely going to be making these this weekend. Thank you for sharing!!!

    1. Northern Yum says:

      Haha! There is always room for dessert. 🙂 It’s the sweet that goes the quickest in our family at Christmastime. I hope you enjoy!

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